Anyone can become a member of Surf Life Saving! Surf Life Saving is Australia’s number one community based front line rescue service and welcomes membership of not only skilled male and female surf life savers, but also administrators, coaches, officials, athletes, supporters and children aged 6 – 13 years (Nippers).

The Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club caters for all ages beyond that of 6 years of age (as at 30th September in the year leading into the season the program commences). The club basically has two sections: Seniors and Juniors. Information on the Junior section can be found on the Juniors page of our website. Senior club members are aged from 14 years onwards and support the primary function of the club: beach patrols.

Although the club has many activities, including social functions and competition, all of these activities contribute in some way or another to supporting the Club’s primary role of providing a safe beach for the public. It is for that reason that all active members aged 13 and over must train, qualify and attend beach patrols. All Senior club members who wish to compete must attend a minimum of 16 hours patrol per season and hold the association’s Surf Rescue Certificate if 13 years old or the Bronze Medallion if 15 years and over.

The Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club prides itself on being a family club with a strong commitment to its junior ranks. The club has an active formal and informal social calendar catering for all membership categories.

Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club offers a range of different membership categories to suit the needs of all members. See the categories below to find which membership category is the right one for you. To view membership category fees click here. Point Leo SLSC Annual Membership fees are non-refundable.

All membership categories are based on a member’s age and are calculated as at 30th September in the year leading into the season the program commences.

Junior Activities Member (Nipper)

Registrations of interest  to participate in 2024/2025 Nippers (waiting list) will open on August 1, 2024.

This category is for younger people aged 6-13 years who want to have fun and learn basic surf safety skills. Commonly known as “Nippers”, the program is focused on participation and fun. Activities include surf safety, surf swimming, board paddling, board rescue, beach activities, basic resuscitation and first aid. Each age group progresses through a Surf Education Certificate and the program also develops skills in leadership and teamwork. The program is designed to provide an educational experience in a wide range of subjects and skills within the aquatic environment and prepares Junior lifesavers for their eventual transition to the patrol environment of the senior movement. The program aims to promote the spirit of camaraderie and citizenship within the community.

Please note we do not accept 5 year olds into our program. Proof of Age is required when joining.

Payment of the Nipper membership fee automatically enrols children as a Nipper into the Junior Program.

Please refer to the Junior Surf Lifesaving Program page of this website for information on how to register on the Nipper Registration of Interest List.

Active Cadet Member

Cadets are between 13 and 15 years of age on a seasonal basis. Cadet members begin by training for the Surf Rescue Certificate, which is the minimum requirement to become a patrolling surf lifesaver. Active Cadets are the first line of being an active patrol member and are provided with on-the-job training with beach patrol duties. Upon gaining this award, Cadets will be placed on a beach patrol roster to perform beach patrols under supervision. See our Cadets page for more details on our Cadet program.

Active Junior Member

Active Juniors are those members between the age of 15 and 18 years who hold a Bronze Medallion Award. Active Juniors are involved in all areas of lifesaving and are also required to perform beach patrol duties in accordance with their membership and qualifications. Members in this membership category are also able to gain further lifesaving awards to increase their knowledge and skills including Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew Certificate, Silver Medallion Life Support, Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver, Senior First Aid and a Training Officers Certificate.

Active Senior Member

Active Seniors are those members over the age of 18 who hold the minimum requirement of the Bronze Medallion. Active members are also strongly encouraged to gain additional lifesaving awards to improve their lifesaving skills and knowledge e.g. Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver, Patrol Captains Award, and other specialist awards.

Active Reserve

Active Reserve members are members who have completed eight years of voluntary service. Members at this level perform a minimum number of patrol hours. Applications for this membership category must be submitted for approval to the committee.

Long Service

A Long Service member is a lifesaver who has completed ten years of active service or eight years of active service plus four years of reserve active service. Members in this category are exempt from all patrol obligations. Applications for this membership category must be submitted for approval to the committee.

Award Member

Award Members are members who are proficient holders of one of the following awards: Radio Operators, Resuscitation Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Senior First Aid or a Surf Rescue Certificate. Members who have these qualifications can also assist with patrol operations. This category is perfect for members who are keen to help out but do not have the ability to perform the full active requirements.


An Associate Member shall be any person who is over the age of 18 years or is a parent, guardian or spouse of a Member or in the opinion of the Committee cannot fulfill the duties of an active Member. An Associate Member shall have the rights and obligations of a Senior Active Member except they shall not be eligible to compete in competitions or be eligible for election to any official position associated with active life saving activities. It is a chance to become involved in the club socially, ideal for supporters and parents.

What are the benefits of joining Point Leo SLSC?

Surf Life Saving offers its members many benefits. As a member you can expect to:

  • Have a great deal of fun
  • Meet many new friends
  • Gain satisfaction from performing a vital community service
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Get physically fit
  • Become competitive
  • Become involved in a club environment that promotes teamwork, community service and most of all an enjoyable social experience.

What skills can you gain?

Surf Life Saving also offers its members a range of skills that will provide an advantage in all aspects of life:

  • Surf safety
  • Basic operation of radios
  • First Aid
  • Rescue techniques
  • Resuscitation techniques
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Competition

If you require any further information on joining Point Leo SLSC please contact us via our contact form with the subject line: joining point leo.

Point Leo SLSC Inc Working with Children Check (WWCC) Policy 

In response to the the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse there have been changes to the Working with Children Act 2005. These changes came into effect on 1 August 2017.

For full details of the change visit

To read the updated LSV Working With Children Check (WWCC) Policy click here.

To read the updated LSV Working With Children Check FAQ’s click here.

All nipper parents who join the club must hold a valid Working With Children Check with LSV and Point Leo SLSC listed as volunteer organisations as per our Policy. To read the Point Leo SLSC Inc Working with Children Check (WWCC) Policy click here.

To read the SLSA Child Safe Policy click here.

To read the SLSA Member Protection Policy click here.