2019/2020 Membership Renewal Information 

All membership renewals and membership fees were due by 1st September 2019.

Please note that Nipper renewals are no longer open.

To view 2019/2020 Membership fees click here.

Links to step by step instructions on how to request renewal of your membership are at the bottom of this page. Please read all information on this page prior to processing your renewal of membership requests.

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

Point Leo SLSC has a Working With Children Check Policy. Click here for a copy of this policy and information. Please read it carefully so that you clearly understand the Club’s requirements. If you feel that you are eligible to apply for membership without the requirement to hold a WWCC please email the club with your request to have the WWCC requirement waived.

Any member who has recently turned 18 or is about to turn 18 in the next 3 months should ensure they hold a valid WWCC before requesting their membership renewal. Their membership can’t be accepted until we receive an Assessment Notice from the Department of Justice verifying they have been issued with a WWCC.

All members 18 and over please check the expiry date of your WWCC and renew your WWCC NOW if it expires any time in the next 3 to 4 months.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please email admin@pointleoslsc.com.au

Car Pass Stickers

Once all membership renewal requirements have been completed and membership fees paid, a car pass sticker will be posted to eligible members who completed a minimum of 16 hours of patrol last season (2018/2019). If a new car pass sticker is not displayed on your car after 31st October 2019 you will be charged the foreshore entry fee at the gate.

Nipper Membership Renewals

Nippers renewing their memberships by 1st September 2019 are automatically registered in the Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP). If a nipper membership is not renewed by 1st September 2019 their place in the program will be offered to a child on the waiting list.

If you have a child who will be in the UNDER 7 age group this year (ie. has turned 6 years old by 30th September 2019) you can apply for their membership at the same time as you renew your family membership. To join your new nipper click here for instructions and requirements. Please complete your renewals before applying for the new membership.

If you have a sibling of a current nipper who will be in the Under 8 to Under 14 age groups that you wish to join please email admin@pointleoslsc.com.au with their Name, Gender and DOB. Siblings in these age groups will be given first preference if there be any vacancies in the relevant age groups when renewals close on 1st September 2019.

Session dates for the 2019/2020 season are now published on the Junior page of the club website.

Nipper Board and Equipment Levy

A compulsory Board and Equipment levy of $35 per nipper is payable this year. This levy allows us to continue to purchase and maintain the appropriate equipment required to allow maximum participation for our Nipper members.

Nipper Parent Membership Requirement

In order to deliver a safe, worthwhile and enjoyable Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP) the Club is reliant on the active involvement of parents in addition to that of other Club members. Over the years as the number of Junior participants has grown there have been increased requirements from a safety and risk management perspective (both on the beach and in administration/documentation), and the level of training and education required has become increasingly sophisticated. Therefore this requires not only more parent involvement, it also increasingly requires more parents with lifesaving qualifications.

To ensure that we have adequate parental involvement and to encourage and facilitate parents gaining lifesaving qualifications each Nipper must have at least one parent, guardian or immediate adult family member become a member of the club. This parent member must have a valid WWCC as per the Point Leo SLSC WWCC Policy and actively assist with the running of the program.

Online Parent Assistance Form

The parent who is a club member is required to provide assistance in one area of the program. To assist with the organisation of parent helpers please complete the online Nipper Parent Assistance Form with your first three preferences of the areas where you would like to assist. Click here to complete the Online Parent assistance form or click the button in the left side menu. This is a compulsory membership requirement. Your child’s membership renewal will not be accepted until the online form is completed. Please note that the parent assisting must be a club member.

Please complete this form at the same time as you submit and pay for your renewal of membership. Unfortuantely last year many parents did not complete this form with their renewals and had to be emailed and requested to submit it. This created an excessive amount of extra work for our volunteer Registrar.

Competition Fees

LSV are still finalising the entry fees, format and frequency of this year’s carnivals so we are unable to set our Junior or Senior season competition fees at the moment. As soon as we have the relevant information we will set the season fees and let you know the cost, the carnivals the season fee covers and when they are due.

Click on the relevant links below to renew your membership.

Please complete all membership renewal requirements at the same time prior to 1st September 2019, NOT over several days.

Any queries relating to your membership renewal or fees please email Kim at admin@pointleoslsc.com.au (not LSV or SLSA).

Junior Evaluations and Award Requirements

Click here for a summary of the LSV Junior Evaluations and Award Requirements.

Being able to swim competently is an integral part of making children safe at the beach as well as allowing them to actively participate and enjoy surf life saving activities. The Nippers program is not a “learn to swim” program.  We strongly encourage you to enrol your children in “learn to swim” classes depending on their current ability.

We do recognise that swimming in the ocean is a new experience for many children and that even competent pool swimmers can find this challenging at first.  Our aim is to encourage children and to help develop their confidence and skills swimming in the ocean as well as provide surf education (Junior Development Program Awards).

At the first session (or prior), it is an LSV prerequisite that every Junior member is required to participate in the Preliminary Assessment conducted by qualified Club assessors, prior to any water activity training or competition being undertaken each season.

Junior Preliminary Evaluations (JPE)  – including the Preliminary Assessment are a risk management procedure to assess the swimming capabilities of nippers and are done as part of the Club’s duty of care.

Any child that does not meet the required evaluation level will require a higher level of supervision when involved in water-based activities, at the discretion of the club.

Competition Skills Evaluation is mandatory for U12-U14 to compete in ANY LSV and intra-club event and U9-U11 for water events only (excluding wade).