Welcome to the Lion’s Den – our Cadet Program

(Winner 2021 Lifesaving Victoria Outstanding Achievement Award)

The Lion’s Den offers a range of surf lifesaving and social opportunities for our 14 and 15-year-old Cadet members.

Specifically, The Lion’s Den provides our Cadets with further opportunities to:

  • Be a valued and active member of the Club
  • Do fun things and keep in touch with lifesaving friends
  • Keep up lifesaving skills and fitness
  • Learn new lifesaving skills and discover new experiences
  • Understand how other parts of the Club operate
  • Be inspired to stay involved in surf lifesaving over the longer term

The Lion’s Den has been created to provide our graduated Nippers with heaps of opportunities to be involved in the Club – armed with their SRC Award qualification.

Organised ‘Den’ Activities

  • The Lion’s Den Swim Camp (for our 14-year old’s) – The day camp concludes with (optional) participation in the Portsea Swim Classic. Come and be part of the Point Leo Youth team!
  • The Lion’s Den Social Activity
  • The Lion’s Den water and beach sessions for all Cadets– practise the skills developed in Nippers at a number of dedicated sessions 
  • First Aid Course– come and gain a new qualification

Full details of the Lion’s Den Program are contained in the Lion’s Den Handbook.

If you are interested in being part of The Lion’s Den and you will be a new member to the Club, please contact us via our contact form with the subject line: Youth.