Registrations of interest for the 2020/2021 JSLP program are now closed. We are not accepting any late registrations of interest to participate. Registrations of interest for the 2021/2022 Nipper program will open on August 1 2021 and close on August 31 2021.

Point Leo SLSC is currently planning to offer the Nipper program this season. However in light of the current COVID 19 pandemic, we will follow all relevant Government regulations and LSV advice as it becomes available and if necessary, will modify the Nipper program accordingly.

Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP)

Point Leo SLSC has over 500 Junior members (Nippers) participate in the club Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP) from late December to mid-January each year. Around 100 of these juniors continue on with competitive training and compete in the State Championship carnival.

The JSLP is open to children aged between 6 and 13 years of age. Age is taken as at 30th September in the year leading into the season the program commences. We welcome all children of all skill levels, but strongly advise children 8 years and up to have swimming experience.

Joining for the first time?

Parents who are interested in their children joining the program for the first time will need to register their children’s names on our Registration of Interest list which opens in early August each year and closes at the end of August of that year. Those interested in registering should regularly check our website for the opening of this list. Our groups are limited so that we can ensure that we run a high quality, and most importantly, a safe program. Therefore, positions in the program are dependent on any vacancies we may have in age groups. Please note that registering on the Registration of Interest list does not guarantee your child a position in the program.  If we have a vacancy for your child least one parent and the Nipper must join as members of the Club. As a member of the Club the Nipper is then eligible to participate in the program. Point Leo SLSC Annual Membership Fees are non-refundable.

The JSLP was developed to equip children with the skills and knowledge to recognise and enjoy a safe beach and aquatic environment.

Specifically, the program:

  • extends participants’ knowledge and understanding of:
    • safe beach and aquatic environments
    • survival skills in aquatic environments
  • develops skills in:
    • the sport disciplines of Surf Lifesaving
    • injury prevention to self and others
    • rehearsal of safety related judgements
    • basic first-aid, rescue and resuscitation

Point Leo SLSC is a friendly, family club. We hope that all members adopt the Point Leo Club Spirit and remember that the Nippers should have FUN!!

The Junior Surf Lifesaving Program season commences after Boxing Day each year and runs for approximately three weeks on set days through to mid January. The focus in the JSLP is on instilling the children with the necessary skills, confidence and knowledge to enjoy the beach environment safely. The program covers the many activities associated with Surf Lifesaving as well as developing fitness, surf awareness and teamwork. Activities include beach running, flags, surf swimming and board paddling, all conducted in a fun, friendly and safe environment. The JSLP caters for all levels of skill and experience. Nippers just need to bring along their enthusiasm and energy!

Dates for the 2020/2021 program are:

Session Dates Groups
Sunday 27 December Cubs
Monday 28 December Lions
Tuesday 29 December Lions
Wednesday 30 December Cubs
Saturday 2 January Cubs
Sunday 3 January Lions
Monday 4 January Lions
Tuesday 5 January Cubs
Wednesday 6 January Cubs
Saturday 9 January Lions
Sunday 10 January Lions Under 14’s Club Championship Day

Nippers are split into two groups in the JSLP:

Point Leo CUBS : the under 7s, under 8s, under 9s and under 10s

Point Leo LIONS : the under 11s, under 12s, under 13s, under 14s

Session Times for the coming season are still being finalised.

Junior Evaluations and Award Requirements

Click here for a summary of the LSV Junior Evaluations and Award Requirements.

Being able to swim competently is an integral part of making children safe at the beach as well as allowing them to actively participate and enjoy surf life saving activities. The Nippers program is not a “learn to swim” program.  We strongly encourage you to enrol your children in “learn to swim” classes depending on their current ability.

We do recognise that swimming in the ocean is a new experience for many children and that even competent pool swimmers can find this challenging at first.  Our aim is to encourage children and to help develop their confidence and skills swimming in the ocean as well as provide surf education (Junior Development Program Awards).

At the first session (or prior), it is an LSV prerequisite that every Junior member is required to participate in the Preliminary Assessment conducted by qualified Club assessors, prior to any water activity training or competition being undertaken each season.

Junior Preliminary Evaluations (JPE) – including the Preliminary Assessment are a risk management procedure to assess the swimming capabilities of nippers and are done as part of the Club’s duty of care.

Any child that does not meet the required evaluation level will require a higher level of supervision when involved in water-based activities, at the discretion of the club.

Competition Skills Evaluation is mandatory for U12-U14 to compete in ANY LSV and intra-club event and U9-U11 for water events only (excluding wade).

Junior LSV Carnivals (inter-club competition) are held at ocean beaches, and one or two in the bay, around Victoria each season. They are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, spread throughout the summer from December through to late February/early March. Competitors and their families often enjoy a great weekend trip up the Surf Coast.

More information on Junior Competition is available on the Junior Competition page.

The Point Leo Junior Handbook detailing all aspects and requirements of the program and activity schedule outlining the dates, times and activities will be available from the download section of this website closer to the season.

Parent Membership Requirement

In order to deliver a safe, worthwhile and enjoyable Junior Surf Life Saving (Nipper) Program the Club is reliant on the active involvement of parents in addition to that of other Club members. Over the years, the number of Junior participants has grown; there have been increased requirements from a safety and risk management perspective (both on the beach and in administration/documentation); and the level of training and education has become increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, this requires not only more parent involvement, it also increasingly requires more parents with lifesaving qualifications.

To ensure that we have adequate parental involvement and to encourage and facilitate parents gaining lifesaving qualifications, the Committee has introduced a Nipper Parent Membership requirement.  Stated simply, this means that each Nipper must have at least one parent, guardian or immediate adult family member also join as a member of the club AND assist with the running of the program through one of the many volunteer roles available.

Under 14’s

The Under 14 Nipper journey culminates with the opportunity for them to achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and experience a broader Nipper program.

In December each year, the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) is offered to Nippers who have turned 13 or 14 years of age and is compulsory for Nippers and Cadets competing in the U14 and U15 age groups at carnivals. It is also the requisite SLSA award to commence patrols at these age levels. Priority for attendance at this course will be given to renewing members. New members wanting to complete their SRC should register on our SRC waiting list when it opens in September.

Full details of Surf Rescue Certificate requirements can be found on the Surf Rescue Certificate page of this website.

The U14 component of the Point Leo Nippers program was invigorated to provide participants with a smoother transition out of Nippers. There is now a broader range of lifesaving activities available including beach care, champion lifesaver, come ‘n’ try events, a social evening, The Nipper graduation and their first group Patrol.  Our senior athletes take on the role of activity leaders ensuring even more fun!

We start the U14 sessions slightly later to ensure they can fulfil their water safety duties for the younger age groups and they also enjoy their own dedicated area on the beach.

Parent Working With Children Check requirement

In response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse there have been changes to the Working with Children Act 2005. These changes came into effect on 1 August 2017.

For full details of the change visit

To read the updated LSV Working With Children Check (WWCC) Policy click here.

To read the updated LSV Working With Children Check FAQ’s click here.

To read the Point Leo SLSC Working with Children Check Policy and Information click here.

All Nipper parents who join the club must hold a valid Working With Children Check with LSV and Point Leo SLSC listed as volunteer organisations as per our WWCC Policy; ie if both parents join the club then BOTH parents must hold a WWCC.


Membership fees are listed on our Membership Fees page. There is a compulsory Board and Equipment Levy of $35 for every Nipper that must also be paid each year with Nipper membership. There is also a Joining Fee of $30 per person (to a maximum of $120 per family) for all new members.

There is a Season Competition Fee payable if Nippers choose to compete. This fee is payable annually and will be set once LSV advise clubs of the entry fee for carnivals for the coming season. Once finalised full details (including Carnival Fee) regarding Junior competition will be available in 2020/2021 Junior Handbook and also advised in our weekly Club emails.


It is expected that Nippers wear Point Leo bathers at sessions. An orange cap and High Visibility singlet or rash vest must be worn at all times throughout the program. These, plus other Point Leo SLSC gear, can be purchased at The Uniform shop. The Uniform Shop will be open several times prior to the commencement of the season (dates will be advised in our weekly Club emails closer to the season) and before each nipper session. A backpack with goggles, towel, wetsuit (if required), sunscreen, water and snacks should be brought to all sessions; we encourage Nippers to carry their own backpack.