To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Point Leo SLSC, the establishment of a Hall of Fame was approved. The Hall of Fame is, as the title suggests, recognition of elite athletes or those who have made outstanding contributions in Surf Life Saving competition. Inductees to the Point Leo SLSC Hall of Fame shall have been members of Point Leo SLSC at the relevant times, that is, the performances that warrant their induction into the Hall shall have taken place whilst they were a member.

Criteria for Induction

The criteria for admission to the Hall of fame are:

  1. Members who have:
  2. Been selected to represent Australia in Surf Life Saving competition; or
  3. Won an Australian Championship; or
  4. Performed exceptionally at Australian Championships over an extended period in any one or more of the relevant categories.
    1. The reference to Members includes teams, participants in teams and/or coaches of individuals and teams that have performed at the requisite level
    2. Candidates will be distinguished by records indicating multiple or repeat performances
    3. Titles or performances may have been in Cadet, Junior, Open or Masters categories.

Selection Process

The Committee shall from time to time convene a sub-committee to determine and make recommendations on Inductees to the Hall of Fame. The sub-committee will be comprised of:

  1. The Club President or the Club President’s direct nomination,
  2. A current member of the Hall of Fame and
  3. A current active member appointed who has current and historical knowledge of likely candidates.

The first induction of eight members to the Point Leo SLSC Hall of Fame was made at the club 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2005. Inductees were Garry Rydberg, Gary Tierney, Garry Richardson, Damian Flouch, Peter Francis, Ron Murray, Frank Christian and Geoff Waters. A second Point Leo SLSC Hall of Fame induction was held in 2012. Ian Knight, Khali Gooding (née Williams) and Simone Munro (née Williams) were our second group of inductees. David ‘Jack’ Russell was inducted into the Point Leo SLSC Hall of Fame at the club 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2015.