The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a State Government initiative which was introduced several years ago. It is a current check and ongoing cross-checking of criminal records for sex, drug or violence offences, with notification to LSV.

The following information is provided by Life Saving Victoria.

Any person 18 years and over, in a voluntary or salaried position, who works with person’s under 18 years of age in any capacity is required to have a valid Working with Children Check registered to Life Saving Victoria and their Life Saving Club. The Department of Justice WWC Check website defines the requirement as “Contact that is not incidental to but normally part of providing a service or activity for children” (viewed 1 December 2013, This includes all patrolling members, all members involved in any aspect of nipper programs (qualified or unqualified) and all training and leadership camps (lifesaving and competition). This includes members whose professions require a police check for employment purposes, including  police officers. Police Officers are not exempt from a WWC Check when joining a lifesaving club. Without undertaking a WWC Check there is no association between your profession as a  Police Officer and any volunteer organisation in which you participate. Teachers must register Point Leo SLSC and Life Saving Victoria as volunteer organisations on their VIT registration at this link If you breach any laws (relevant to this check or VIT registration e.g. sexual misconduct) in the capacity of a Teacher or Police Officer, Life Saving Victoria and your Life Saving Club will have no way of being informed of such charges if you do not have a WWC Check or our organisation listed on your VIT registration.

Below is the Point Leo Working With Children Check Policy approved by the club in August 2015.

  1. Point Leo SLSC (The Club) recognizes and supports the legislative scheme which establishes the Working with Children (WWC) Check. This Policy outlines the manner in which the Club will implement the requirements and guidelines of the Working with Children Act 2005 (the Act) and LSV Working With Children Check Policy.
  2. Despite any provision in this Policy, the Club recognizes the primacy of the Act and relevant SLSA and LSV regulations and policies (Overriding Rules). In the event of any inconsistency between this Policy and the Overriding Rules, the latter will prevail.
  3. The Club requires that all members over the Age of 18 years have a WWC Check, as this supports confidence in the safety of the Club environment, the protection of young members and offers maximum ease of administration.
  4. The Club acknowledges that some members may be unable to participate in Club activities or events for good reasons (including geographic distance), but who wish to maintain their connection with the Club. Obtaining a WWC Check where it is not required by Overriding Rules in these cases may be burdensome and unnecessary.
  5. Despite section 3, the Committee may permit a person to become or remain a member without a WWC Check if the person is:
  • A Non-Active Member as defined by the Constitution;
  • not involved in child related work;
  • not a Nipper Parent;
  • not involved in assisting with Nipper, Cadet or Junior Club activities whether on the beach or elsewhere; and
  • not otherwise required to hold a WWCC.
  1. Membership without a WWC Check under section 4 above is subject to the absolute discretion of the Committee (subject always to compliance with the other provisions of this Policy). The Committee may delegate the exercise of this discretion to a sub-committee, the Registrar or another senior Committee member.

To obtain a volunteer WWCC (volunteer WWCC’s are free):

  1. Go to the Working With Children Check Unit website and read the information on how to apply for a WWCC. Applicants must fill out the WWCC application form online before lodging it with Australia Post. Full instructions on this are available on the WWCC Unit website.
  2. Please use the following codes:
  • Clubs and Associations – 42
  • Coaching and Tuition – 28
  • Camps (if applicable) – 10
  1. To ensure that Point Leo SLSV and LSV are notified of a breach of any laws (relevant to this check e.g. sexual misconduct) it is vital that they are both listed as volunteer organisations on your WWCC. The details below MUST be correctly notified to the Department of Justice and Community Safety when you apply for a new card OR when you update your details if you already have a WWCC card.  Please list both Life Saving Victoria and Point Leo SLSC Inc using the address details below. Please DO NOT use street addresses.
Primary Organisation: Life Saving Victoria Other Organisation: Point Leo SLSC
Life Saving Victoria
PO Box 353
Phone: 03 9676 6930
Point Leo SLSC Inc
P O Box 472
Balnarring 3926
Phone: 59898611
Club contact person for VIT: Kim Williams


Memberships cannot be accepted until the club receives the appropriate Notice of Assessment from the Department of Justice and Community Safety. This can take up to 60 days so we strongly recommend you apply for your WWCC well in advance of applying for membership or turning 18.

If you currently hold a valid WWCC (paid work or volunteer) you can add Point Leo SLSC and LSV as volunteer organisations by logging into your online WWCC account. You can register to use the Working With Children Check online system at and add both organisations to your WWCC.

Where a WWCC is required by a member and Point Leo SLSC and LSV are not added to your WWCC, your membership application will not be accepted.

 If you have moved house, changed jobs or where you volunteer you must tell the Department of Justice and Community Safety. Keeping your contact and child-related work details up to date is an important responsibility of WWCC cardholders and applicants so that you can be notified of changes in the status of your card and when the card is due for renewal. You must inform the Department of Justice and Community Safety within 21 days every time you change employers or voluntary organisation. This is a legal requirement under the Working with Children Act 2005. You are committing an offence with financial penalties if you fail to do so. If you have moved house or changed employer or volunteer organisation you can update your details at the WWCC website

What happens if you don’t receive a Card?

The WWCC looks for criminal activity relevant to the physical and sexual safety of children under 18 years of age. If a member has their application denied, they are issued with a Negative Notice by the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety. The member (applicant) and Life Saving Victoria’s CEO will be informed. It is important to understand that Life Saving Victoria maintains strict adherence to privacy legislation which regulates such personal information being broadcast to a wider audience.

If a member does have their application denied, they cannot be a member of Point Leo SLSC and Life Saving Victoria.