2023/2024 Patrol Roster and Patrolling Information

The Patrol Roster and Teams for the 2023/2024 are here! Please click here for a PDF with all of the dates and times for each patrol group. The patrol season begins next week on Saturday 11th November 2023, and ends on 25th April 2024. Please take the time to look over the teams, dates, start and finish times, and who your patrol captain is.

This season, there will be 5 patrol groups.

Patrol 1, Legends:

Captain – Andrew Gibson (gibsonaj@bigpond.net.au)

Vice-captain – Amy Jones (aejonesae@gmail.com)

Patrol 2, Woodchucks:

Captain – Nick Woods (nwoods3926@gmail.com)

Vice-captain – Chuck Warner (edwardcwarner@gmail.com)

Patrol 3:

Captain – Myles Irwin (mylestirwin6@gmail.com)

Vice-captain – Emma May-Konning

Patrol 4:

Captain – Bella Warner (bellawarner9@gmail.com)

Vice-captain – Maddy Clark

Patrol 5:

Captain – Liam Whitehouse (liam.whitehouse56@gmail.com)

Vice-captain – India Mair and Riley Mair

Your allocated patrol roster is also accessible online, if you log into members.sls.com.au. Please make your best efforts to attend your team’s patrols, and please always let your captains know if you can’t attend.

If you have not been allocated to a patrol team or you would like to move patrol teams, please email Georgia (patrols@pointleoslsc.com.au) with your preference.

Team App

This season, Patrol 3 (Myles Irwin), Patrol 4 (Bella Warner) and Patrol 5 (Liam Whitehouse) will all be trialling Team App as their way of communicating with their patrol team. If you are in one of these patrol teams you will need to download and sign up to the Point Leo Team App. The instructions for doing so are here. If you have any issues signing up, please see one of the Trainers at skills maintenance, or ask your Patrol Captain and they will be able to help you.

The Patrol Captains will be using Team App to send reminders about upcoming patrols and plan lunches and other activities. So, make sure you sign up to Team App as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the fun!

As we make the transition onto Team App, we will still use emails to communicate with patrol teams. This means you make receive the same messages twice from your captain. We apologise in advance for this and ask for your patience as we get everyone signed up onto Team App!

Patrol Policy

To read the club’s Patrol Policy click here. It is particularly important for members eager to compete that you read the club’s policy, as it outlines SLSA’s requirements of you in order to be eligible to compete. Should you have any concerns or difficulties in obtaining your required hours, please contact Georgia (Vice-Club Captain) and/or Bridget (Club Captain) as soon as possible so we can help you get your hours. You are always welcome to patrol with teams other than your rostered team. We welcome cross-patrol team friendships and alliances :)

What to bring on patrol?

Wear proper patrol uniform: patrol shirt and patrol shorts. Please also have a skull hat, sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, bathers, towel, wetsuit, water and lunch. See the club’s online shop to make all the purchases you need prior to your first patrol.

For some patrols, the Patrol Captain may organise lunch or snacks for their patrol team. If your Patrol Captain makes any food plans, they will let you know via Team App (so make sure you sign up to Team App!). If your Patrol Captain does not have any food plans, patrol members will need to bring their own lunch and snacks.

Skills Maintenance

The November skills maintenance sessions are now live on the Members Training Portal. Login in here (https://mt.lsv.com.au/) to sign up for a session. The dates for skills maintenance are:

  • November 11th 2023
  • December 27th 2023
  • December 29th 2023

Please contact Britt Morgenthaler (Chief Instructor) with any Skills Maintenance concerns or questions (lifesavingtraining@pointleoslsc.com.au), and don’t forget to do the online components before the in-person sessions (which you must book into via the Members Training Portal). See the Club Notices for further details.

As always, with any thoughts, queries, questions, concerns or qualms, shoot them through to either Georgia (patrols@pointleoslsc.com.au) and/or Bridget (clubcaptain@pointleoslsc.com.au).