Thank you to everyone who entered our Virtual Swim.

The following participants are winners of spot prizes. Prizes be available with your t-shirts which will be ready for collection from Point Leo SLSC Clubhouse, or delivery, at the end of January. We will email all participants with details of T-shirt collection options as soon as the t-shirts are received.

Damian Abrahams Mietta Fry Nathan Millar
Stephen Attwood John Gallagher Abi Morgan
Bridget Barnes Nick Grage-Perry Chris Munro
Pete Battrick Isabella Grutzner Poppy Noxon
Kate Beever Jacqui Hansen Amelia Paynter
Nikki Burger Ben Hoskins Arki Phillips
Rebecca Cameron Peta Howlett Michael Podger
Travis Cargill Sam Hunt Charlie Pullar
Georgia Cassell-Ashton Sam Johnstone Michael Schenberg
Gaby Clarke Anna Kilborn Jane Starr
Josh Clement Amelia Kogler Octavia Thompson
Margi Cowgill Noah Kyriacou Gerry Tucker
Amelie Crescia Hamish Lally Maree Tuff
Lily Douglas William Laussen Jake Turnbull
Serena Doyle Colin McCraith Tilly Unsworth
Mitchell Faiman Roslyn Mclean Sophie Wilkinson
Sean Farrell Holly Middendorp Oscar Wolfe
Evelyn Ford Alice Miliani Vanessa Wootton


The Point Leo Swim Classic is a 1,200-metre open water swim that has been held for over 25 years.

Usually held on Boxing Day each year, it’s a community event that takes the form of a swimming/running ‘festival’ incorporating a number of other support events, attracting swimmers and runners of different ages and abilities.

The events available are:

  • 1.2km Point Leo Swim Classic
  • Balnarring & District Community Bank 2.5 km Swim Challenge
  • 400m Nipper/Novice Swim
  • 4km Honeysuckle run

What’s happening in 2020?

In 2020, due to currently known Government and Life Saving Victoria COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to plan to hold a physical public event at Point Leo beach on Boxing Day, as per previous years.

We are really disappointed that our beautiful beach will not be filled with our keen Point Leo Swim Classic swimmers and runners this year and we will miss your enthusiasm, energy and the way you all light up our event!

However, we still want people: to keep fit, keep up their swimming and keep having fun so, instead, for the first time we are organising a Point Leo ‘Virtual’ Swim Classic.

Wherever you live, you can still be involved in the Point Leo ‘Virtual’ Swim Classic!

It’s all about getting involved this year, despite being apart, and making the most of your local environment whilst participating in our great event – virtually!

We look forward to you participating in another one of Point Leo SLSC’s wonderful community events this season.

Thanks to our sponsor Bluegum – there will be plenty of spot prizes awarded for each swim and run event. Check out the spot prize winners posted on the Point Leo website after 4th January 2021. 

Here are the details:

  • Online entries are now open via Register Now 
  • Entries close at 4:59pm ESDT on 4th January 2021.
  • Registered swims can be completed from 12:01am ESDT 26th December to 11:59pm ESDT 4th January 2021 and submitted via the email link entrants will receive upon entry by 11:59pm ESDT 4th January 2021.
  • Limited edition 2020 Point Leo ‘Virtual’ Swim Classic T-shirts are available for an additional cost to those that enter and submit their details and can only be ordered at the time of entry.
  • You can submit times for multiple events:
    • 1.2km Point Leo Swim Classic
    • Balnarring & District Community Bank 2.5 km Swim challenge
    • 400m Nipper/Novice Swim
    • 4km Honeysuckle Run

Go ahead – GET INVOLVED!

For more information click here to read our 2020 Swim Classic Q&As.

The Point Leo Surf Life Saving Club appreciates the Support of:

If you require any further information on any events please contact us via our contact form with the subject line: Point Leo Swim Classic.