Senior competitions run for qualified active members aged 13 years and older as at 30th September. This also included Masters age groups (30+). Seniors not only train for carnivals (inter-club competition) and fitness, but also to further develop their lifesaving skills. The following table shows the events for Cadets/Seniors/Masters members of various ages and includes both individual and team events.   
Beach Carnivals  U/15  U/17  U/19  Open   Over 24  Masters
Beach Sprint 
Beach Flags 
Beach relay (team 4) 
Belt and Reel (team 2) 
Surf Race 
Board Race    
Board Rescue (team 2) 
Board Relay (team 3)    
Tube Race    
5 Person R & R (mixed) 
Men’s Belt Race 
Women’s Belt Race 
Double Ski 
Taplin Relay 
Cameron Relay 
Ironman & Ironwoman  (no ski)  ✓ (no ski) 
Surf Boats (team 4 plus sweep) U23 
2 km Run 
Surfboard riding (short/long boards)
Carnivals from December-March, States March, Nationals April
International competition: Australian Lifesaving Team including Wieland Shield every 2 years and VIS
Further information:
Lifesaving Events
Champion Lifesaver
Patrol (teams of 4)
First aid (teams of 2)
Rescue and resuscitation (R and R)
States February apart from R and R (with Senior Carnivals) and IRB (April-July)
Further information:
Pool Events
Line throw
200m Obstacle Swim
100m Obstacle Swim
50m Manikin Carry
100m Rescue Medley
100m Manikin Carry with Fins
100m Manikin Tow with Fins
200m Super Lifesaver
4 x 25m Manikin Relay
4 x 50m Obstacle Relay
Carnivals and States from June-July, Nationals August
International competition: Australian Lifesaving Team with a variety of international events
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