This page was last updated on 19 November 2021

Point Leo Nippers turns 40!!!

Congratulations to the Point Leo SLSC Nipper program for providing a high quality beach education program for 40 years.

Over the 40 years hundreds and thousands of children have learnt lifesaving skills through our beach education program – always run entirely by volunteers.

The program has grown over the years, but one element has remained the same – teaching our children how to keep safe at our Point Leo beach.


Welcome to the 2021/22 Point Leo Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP) season and welcome to Point Leo SLSC! It’s great to welcome back our returning Nippers and to also welcome our many new Nippers and their families. Point Leo SLSC organises a very large Nipper program each season. It is a 100% volunteer run program that will again this season have nearly 500 participants.

As you can appreciate – that requires a lot of organisation and behind the scenes preparation.

The small team can’t do it alone, so every family is expected to step up and volunteer for the various roles needed.

All we need from you is a willingness to help and sign up to the opportunities via the rosters.

Once again, this year the JSLP team has been navigating their way through the LSV and Government COVID guidelines and their constant changes and updates. It’s been another tricky year to plan, but we are pleased to have found a way to run another exciting program.

As always, the safety of our members and the community is our highest priority. We are focussing on what we can do and concentrating on participation, reconnection, fun and wellbeing and of course skill development in beach awareness and safety in the open water.

So please be patient as we work together to provide your children with another high-quality Point Leo program.

Please read all of the information on this page carefully as it will provide you with all the information you need to know and what you need to do to prepare your Nipper for the season ahead.

Thank you again to the wonderful JSLP Team. Please find our contact details below:

Dianna McKellar – JSLP (Nipper) Coordinator

Sarah-Jo Mason – Vice President Juniors

Tarena Murray Nipper Representative

Best Wishes,

Dianna McKellar

Nipper (JSLP) Coordinator

Session Dates

Dates for the 2021/2022 JSLP program are:

  • Monday 27 December 2021
  • Tuesday 28 December 2021
  • Thursday 30 December 2021
  • Sunday 2 January 2022
  • Tuesday 4 January 2022
  • Thursday 6 January 2022
  • Sunday 9 January 2022 – Club Championships day
  • Sunday 16 January 2022 – Carnival day

Session Times

There will be 3 sessions times this season for the different age groups between under 7s and under 14s. You must only attend the session times for your child’s nominated age group.

Session 1: 8:30am – 9:30am

Beach Area 1 Beach Area 2 Beach Area 3 Beach Area 4 Beach Area 5 Beach Area 6
Under 7 Boys Under 7 Girls Under 8 Boys Under 8 Girls Under 9 Boys (G1) Under 9 Boys (G2)

Session 2: 9:45am – 10:45am

Beach Area 1 Beach Area 2 Beach Area 3 Beach Area 4 Beach Area 5
Under 9 Girls Under 10 Boys Under 10 Girls Under 11 Girls Under 11 Boys

Session 3: 11am – 12:30pm

Beach Area 1 Beach Area 2 Beach Area 3 Beach Area 4 Beach Area 5 Beach Area 6
Under 12 Girls Under 12 Boys Under 13 Girls Under 13 Boys Under 14 Boys Under 14 Girl


Many thanks for volunteering your time to assist with the Junior Surf Lifesaving Program (JSLP).

Your willingness to volunteer for the various roles is so important and will definitely ensure the program not only runs smoothly but also adheres to the relevant Government and LSV COVID guidelines in order for us to deliver a safe program.

Nipper Rosters

Calling all parents and guardians – we need you!

Our program simply cannot operate unless we fill all of the volunteer roles.

It’s great to have the Nipper BBQ back with Mark Hopkinson co-ordinating it once again!

Please sign up below, there are 8 sessions. Click on the links to find out more about the roles.

No particular skills required – just a willingness to help.

Point Leo SLSC Nippers BBQ roster

The Nipper BBQ will operate all morning and will service nippers at the end of each session time.

This year there are 3 session times (8:30am – 9:30am, 9:45am – 10:45am, 11.00am – 12.30pm).

We need volunteers during each session s and a bit after the time to cook the BBQ and serve the food:

You will be sent a reminder text once the day prior. Once the rosters are locked on the 20th December, there will be no scope to amend them. If you cannot attend your shift, you will need to find your own replacement.

Click below to sign up

Point Leo SLSC Nippers Laundry

You will be required to rinse and hang volunteer vests at the end of the day, at the clubhouse. The buckets and clothesline are located at the corner of the surf club. 2 people are required for each shift. This roster will be locked Monday December 20. You will receive a reminder text the day prior to your shift once again!

Click below to sign up

Point Leo SLSC Nippers Beach set-up

4 people are required per day (maximum). This roster will be locked Sunday December 20. Andrew Welsh will meet you at the entrance to the courtyard just before 8:00am to sort out the gear. You will receive a reminder text the day prior to your shift.

Click below to sign up

Point Leo SLSC Nippers Beach pack-up

4 people are required per day (maximum). Please meet by the gator on the beach after the third Nipper session has finished to receive instructions for beach pack up. This roster will be locked Monday December 20. You will receive a reminder text the day prior to your shift.

Click below to sign up

Point Leo SLSC Nippers First Aid

All First Aid volunteers must hold relevant certificate or have certified medical training. One person is required per Nippers session, there are 3 timeslots to be covered each session. Please check in with the Nipper Coordinator at the commencement of each session. You will need to collect a High Vis vest to wear, a radio to carry during your shift and a portable first aid kit. You will be required to undertake COVID training (via an online briefing) and follow all COVID procedures in relation to Nippers first aid.

Click below to sign up

Water Safety

All adults with their current bronze medallion are expected to help with water safety. We do rely on our Adult Bronzies, SRCs and Cadet Bronzies to provide the bulk of the water safety requirements. If there is not enough water safety available, we will need to modify our program.

The onus is on each water safety person to sign in and out of the Patrol Log Book at each session. It will be located at the Patrol room. If you don’t complete the Patrol Log Book on the day, there will be no chance to complete it retrospectively.

Click below to sign up

Activity Leaders

Our Activity Leaders lead the rotations of beach (flags and sprints), swim, and board on for each age group.

You don’t need to be an expert in the areas of swimming, board paddling or beach flags, we can help you! All you need is a positive attitude and some enthusiasm. Lots of activities and practical resources will be provided.

We have a number of willing people who have already indicated their availability this season, however we still require more. So, take the opportunity to have some fun and learn some new skills.

Please contact Tarena Murray – Nipper Representative to register your interest and to find out more.

Point Leo Uniform Shop

We have both an online uniform shop (click and collect only) and a physical shop (open at selected times only).

Don’t forget to purchase all uniform requirements PRIOR to the program starting.

NO nipper cap + high vis vest = NO nippers.

Online Shop

The online shop will open in late November when a link will be made available on our website.

We require 2 people for shop collection dates and times below:

Sunday 5 December 10am – 12 noon

Sunday 12 December 10am – 12 noon

Sunday 19 December 10am – 12 noon

Club Shop front

The shop will open for sales on Nipper days only between 8-15am and 12 noon.

We will need 3 volunteers for 2 shifts each Nipper day. Shifts are 8am to 10:15am and 10am to 12:15pm

Click below to sign up for the uniform shop roster

COVID -19 Information

  • JSLP Plan on a Page (TBA)
  • COVID Safe Personal Health Check List – click here
  • Nipper COVID Officer – Tarena Murray
  • Every person MUST check in with the Service Victoria QR Code before the session commences. The QR codes will be located in the club carpark as you walk down the east side of the club.
  • Personal equipment: please note: every Nipper is expected to bring their own items of personal equipment and MUST not share them. These items include: Nipper cap, rash vest, drink bottle, all food and snacks, towel, goggles, nipper bag.