Junior Competition (Junior Carnivals) 

Junior (Nipper) carnivals (inter-club competition) are held at ocean beaches, and one or two in the bay, around Victoria each season. They are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, spread throughout the summer from November till February. Competitors and their families often enjoy a great weekend trip up the Surf Coast. 

Junior Carnivals are lots of fun!  Everyone is welcome! 

Every Point Leo Nipper from Under 8 upwards (ages taken from 7 to 13 years as at 30th September) has the opportunity to be part of the Point Leo team at the Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Junior Carnivals and compete with their friends.  

It’s a great opportunity to practise the skills acquired during the season.  

It’s all about participation at Point Leo, and there are many individual and team events at each carnival per age group to choose from. At Junior levels our club focus is more on fun and learning rather than winning. A child’s best is always good enough. Health, improvement and good sportsmanship should be seen as the primary goals. 

Lots of events are on offer including individual and team events. In the higher age groups, some of the events incorporate a number of disciplines which also begin to teach the basics in rescue techniques, such as the board rescue event. Your Nipper Age Manager can explain more. 

Please note:  Junior Carnival events are not held for Nippers in the Under 7 age group and Under 8 nippers do not compete in the LSV State Championships. 

Junior Carnival Competition Training 

Junior Carnival Competition training for the Under 8 to Under 14 Nippers participating in Junior Canivals continues after the JSLP concludes in January on every Sunday from 10.00am to 12.00 pm till the Junior State Championships in late February. These training sessions focus on increasing fitness and skills and also develop team skills and the great Point Leo team spirit! 

The key is commitment and therefore the expectation is that nipper competitors attend all Sunday training sessions and compete in the carnivals listed in the seasonal calendar. The aim of training is to provide structured, practical and informative sessions in all areas of competition to enhance the skills developed during the season. 

Additional optional beach and water training sessions are offered midweek by club coaches in the lead up to the State Championships through the Junior Surf Sports Program (JSSP) program.  

Junior Lifesaving Awards 

Nippers wishing to compete at the State Championships in February must have completed the relevant Life Saving Award prior to the carnival entry closing date. Each Age Group is scheduled with two Surf Education sessions as part of the JSLP sessions so as to achieve this Award. 

The Junior Life Saving Awards are a compulsory part of the JSLP program and provide education and skill development in the following areas: 

  • Personal safety 
  • Sun safety 
  • Surf conditions and hazards 
  • Signs and signals 
  • Negotiating surf conditions 
  • Overview of general anatomy/the body 
  • Correct management and handling of casualties 
  • Assessment of emergency situations (DRACBD) 
  • Resuscitation techniques 
  • Calling for Help 

Junior Competition Skills Evaluation 

Nippers wishing to compete in Junior Carnivals are required to have completed both the Preliminary Assessment AND the LSV Junior Competition Skills Evaluation for their age group. Information on the age group requirements is detailed in the Junior Evaluation and Surf Education Requirements sheet (issued by Lifesaving Victoria). Nippers are only permitted to compete after their Junior Competition Skills Evaluation has been successfully completed. 

Junior Competition Skills Evaluation for all (not just competitors) Nippers aged U9s to U13s will be held at the initial JSLP sessions. Whilst technically only a requirement for those wishing to compete, the club encourages all Nippers to achieve this level of competency as part of their surf lifesaving journey.  

Carnival Uniforms 

Junior Carnival uniform requirements for Juniors are: 

  • A Point Leo club orange nipper cap (compulsory),  
  • Club bathers in club colours wherever possible. 

Surf Life Saving Australia require the compulsory wearing of high visibility vests or singlets by all Nippers at all training sessions and pink high visibility vests at all competitions. 

All items are available from the Club Uniform Shop.  These items are a minimum requirement, but we encourage members to purchase the full uniform. The uniform for all ages is available through the club at reasonable cost. Club uniform also identifies club members on the beach and at training. 


The club is charged by LSV for each competitor who enters to compete at Junior Carnivals. A season Junior competition fee is set and is payable at the commencement of the season, along with membership fees. It covers Junior LSV carnivals that Point Leo selects and will send a team to. Season carnival fees will be advised in the weekly club email notices.


Age Managers are issued with a current list of Point Leo paid competitors. They will coordinate entries for each carnival in the season and select teams for the team events based on this list. 

Club entries for each carnival must be made on time as late entries are not allowed. If a member does not confirm their entry prior to the entry due date, their entry will not be submitted.  

Parental Assistance at Junior Carnivals 

Parents/families of Nippers gain enormous satisfaction and a true sense of involvement by actively being involved in carnivals. There are so many opportunities available and helping Age Managers is an essential part of supporting your Nipper and Point Leo. Parents of Nippers participating in carnivals must help in some way at each carnival and will be rotated on by your Age Manager to fulfil a role to help with the Age Group. 

We also always require enough helpers across the groups in a variety of roles to meet our minimum carnival requirements from LSV. 

  • Water Safety – Bronze qualified persons. Each age group must have enough qualified people to undertake this role. 
  • Level 1 Official – to assist with marshalling and on the beach organisation of events. Complete an on online course in your own time and participate in a practical session. 
  • IRB drivers and crew – LSV rostered system that requires bronze qualified and IRB qualified Nipper parents. 
  • Beach set up and pack up – LSV rostered system for selected carnivals. 

Please strongly consider attaining bronze qualifications, IRB qualifications and Level 1 Official qualification to ensure that Point Leo meets our safety and organisation requirements for each carnival. Point Leo offers opportunities to gain these qualifications. Contact the club for more details.