Please follow the steps below to complete your membership applications. Please print this page and read it carefully before you start the application process. DON’T attempt the joining process until you have read all information. If you have any questions after you have read the instructions please send us an email at for clarification.

If you have been a member at another club in the past two years go to and beneath YES select Create an Account and follow the instructions on the screen to TRANSFER your memberships to Point Leo. Please email for assistance with this and further instructions on what to do once you have submitted your transfer request.

If you have never been a member at a life saving club go to and beneath NO select ‘Join’ and follow the instructions below (or attached to the email you received from the club for graphic instructions).

  1. On the next screen select ‘Surf Life Saving Club’.  Select Organisation –  ‘Point Leo’.
  2. In the “I want to join” drop down box select My Family.
  3. Enter a Family group name (ie kwilliams).
  4. Click on the Next button.
  5. Enter the details of the PARENT member joining the club. You must add the parent first. You will add your children later in the process.
  6. Click on the Add Family Member button.
  7. Add the details for the next family member you are joining – ie a second parent or your nipper. Continue to add family members until all members applying to join Point Leo SLSC are listed.
  8. Click on the Next button when all family members are listed.
  9. Then follow the instructions on the screen to enter your email address, mobile phone number, address and ememrgency contacts. Please use capital letters where appropriate for names and addresses.
  10. Click on the Next button.
  11. Enter a Members Area account name and password. You will need these in future so please try to use something you will remember.
  12. In the SLSA Membership application and declaration area tick all 3 check boxes.
  13. Click on the Next button.
  14. You will see a message – “Your membership has been submitted to Point Leo SLSC.”
  15. Click on the Make a Payment button and pay the fees as per the membership fee schedule
  16. The Surf Life Saving Payment Gateway – Online Payments window will display.
  • Check that the correct club (Point Leo) is listed next to ‘Select the entity to pay’.
  • Select the Transaction Type ‘Membership fee’ from the drop down box.
  • Write the name/s of the people the membership is for in the complete name section.
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay in the amount section. Click here to view samples of New Nipper membership fees.
  • In the second line select the transaction type ‘Joining Fee’. The Joining fee is a one off $30 fee payable for each family member to a maximum $120. ie if you are joining 4 or more family members this fee is $120.
  • In the third line select transaction type ‘Levy’ and pay the compulsory Board and Equipment Fee of $40 per Nipper.
  • All fees must be paid at the same time as you apply for your membership.
  • Follow the prompts to provide credit card details and complete payment.
  • Go to and submit the Online Parent assistance form. This form must be completed for your memberships to be accepted.
  • Ensure you have met the Working with Children Check requirements.

Alternately you can pay by direct bank transfer to the account below.

BSB Number: 633000

Account Number: 132487208

Account Name: Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club Inc

If you pay using this option please:

  • Ensure your name and as much detail as possible is recorded in details section of bank transfer.
  • Email to advise you have paid by direct bank deposit and the details of your payment (similar to the list above for credit card payment).

If you are unsure how much to pay please email and ask.



If you have moved away from the membership submitted window and missed the step to pay for memberships, go to, and make your payment. As you have gone straight to the payment screen you MUST type Point Leo into ‘Select the entity to pay’ box. It’s very important that you add all names that you are paying for in the ‘Complete name/Meaningful payment details’ section, as this is how the club will track the payment to your membership. Please make sure you pay the membership fee, the joining fee and the board and equipment levy at the same time as you apply for your membership.  If you are unsure what to pay please email

Acceptance of your applications

To assist with the smooth processing of your applications you must complete ALL steps of the application process on the same day for each child and the parent(s) joining the club. This includes completing the parent assistance form and holding a valid Working with Children Check with Point Leo SLSC and LSV listed as volunteer organisations. You should have already supplied the club with a photo of your children’s birth certificate or passport, if not please also do this when you submit your applications. This makes the processing of applications much easier for our volunteer Registrar. All of these items are compulsory and without them your memberships will NOT be accepted. You will get one request to complete a missing requirement and if it isn’t completed within one day of the request your memberships will be declined and offered to another child. We’re sorry if this seems a bit harsh but we have a long list of children who didn’t receive an offer of a place who we can offer your place to and we need to get memberships processed quickly so that we aren’t delayed in the planning for our program.

You will receive an auto generated email from confirming your memberships when they have been approved/declined. Also where possible please complete your applications as soon as possible so that if you are having any problems we can sort them out well before the due date. Please DON’T wait until the due date to complete this process as if there is a problem that prevents the applications from being processed you risk losing your child’s place in the program.

Working With Children Check

It’s vital you get this right so please read the information carefully. Please also note that obtaining a new WWCC takes time and this will hold up the acceptance of your memberships so please provide a copy of your WWCC lodgement receipt showing that Point Leo and LSV are listed as volunteer organisations so that acceptance of your children’s memberships will not be delayed/declined. If you already have a WWCC the instructions on how to add Point Leo SLSC and LSV are detailed on the Point Leo SLSC Working with Children Policy and Information page. Please email a screen clip from your WWCC account showing that these organisations are listed on your WWCC. When you add these please make sure you press the submit button. Without this proof processing of your children’s memberships will be delayed/declined.

Don’t forget if you no longer wish to participate in our program please email  immediately and let us know so that we can offer your positions to other children on our waiting list.

If we don’t receive your applications by the due date or we haven’t received any contact from you in response to this email by the date specified in the email offer we will assume you are no longer interested in your children participating in the Nipper program and we will remove their names from our waiting list and offer the positions to other children.

Please, if you have any questions email for clarification. A quick email from you will save a lot of time for everyone concerned. If you encounter any ‘error’ messages please also email You will receive a reply to your email any time after 8pm on the day you send it.


Click here to go to Nipper Membership Information page.

Click here to go to New Nipper Family Membership Fees page.