Keeping the beach safe is our priority but it’s not all that we do. Over the years our members have enjoyed considerable success in the competition arena, boasting numerous State and National champions, in a range of disciplines.

There are Senior and Junior carnivals (inter-club competition) at ocean beaches, and one or two in the bay, around Victoria each season. They are usually held on Saturdays or Sundays, spread throughout the summer from December to the end of March. Carnivals are a great place to compete as an individual and in teams. While competitive, they are taken with good humour and much encouragement. Competitors and their families often enjoy a great weekend trip up the Surf Coast.

Competition is offered in a number of different disciplines that not only assist members to maintain their life saving skills, but also provide children and adults with regular physical activity that incorporates fun and team work. Age groups in lifesaving are determined by the age that you are, as at midnight on the 30th September in the year leading into the season the program commences (ie if 9yo then you will be in u/10). More information lifesaving competition can be found at Life Saving Victoria.

Clubs earn points from placings at carnivals and these go towards an annual Premiership. Winning clubs are awarded trophies or equipment at the end of the season.

Junior Competition Program

The Junior Surf Lifesaving (Nippers) program, runs for children from the ages of 6 to 13 years. At junior levels our club focus is more on fun and learning rather than winning. A child’s best is always good enough. Health, improvement and good sportsmanship should be seen as the primary goals.

Click here for more information on the events for Nippers of various ages, including both individual and team events. These events incorporate a number of disciplines, with events such as the board rescue beginning to teach the basics in rescue techniques.

Senior Competition Program

The senior program is for active members aged 13 years and older. This also includes Masters age groups (30+ years of age). Seniors not only train for carnivals (inter-club competition) and fitness, but also to further develop their lifesaving skills. Note: Members must be qualified lifesavers and must complete a minimum of 16 Patrol Hours each season in order to compete at Senior and/or Masters carnivals. We have land, craft and surfboat teams, competing at all levels including State and National. Many have had great success.

Click here for information on the events for Cadets/Seniors/Masters of various ages and includes both individual and team events.

Application for Craft Subsidy

The Point Leo Craft Subsidy Strategy aims to support competitors to purchase their own equipment. This option is only available to paid competing members. Members may be eligible for the Craft Subsidy after they have been a competing member with the club for a minimum of one season, and have paid the appropriate club fees for registration at Senior Carnivals. The option is available for Senior members in the U14 age group and above.

How does it work?

A member who wishes to obtain their own craft can request the club to finance up to 50% of the cost of the craft with the remainder being financed by the member. The percentage subsidised by the club depends on the purchase price of the craft. In general the purpose of the subsidy is to support younger competitors new to the chosen discipline wishing to acquire a used craft. The equipment remains share owned by the club and the member for the duration of the period while competing with the club.

If a member wishes to sell their craft then the club has first option to purchase the equipment outright by purchasing the remaining share at market value. If the club does not wish to purchase the remaining share, then the club must be repaid their 50% share upon the sale of the item at its market value. The member also has the option of purchasing the equipment outright from the club. The market value shall be determined by the Board and Ski Captain in conjunction with the Treasurer.

If a member who has received a Craft Subsidy decides to transfer to another club, transfers will not be endorsed until all monies/equipment owing to the club under the contract are fully paid.

An application form is to be completed by members interested in the Craft Subsidy. If successful this application also serves as a contract of agreement between the member and the club. There are fundraising and club participation requirements as part of the Craft Subsidy agreement.

For further information please contact the Head Coach on email or download the Craft Subsidy application from the download section.